Some Reviews

Thanksgiving Farm® Franc Blanc is made from the white juice of Cabernet Franc grapes. An amazing wine. Great flavor. Bright, crisp, with tremendous flavor. This was one of the biggest surprises of the tasting. A white wine made from Cab Franc?! Too cool! And t’s a great white!
— Carlo De Vito, author "East Coast Wineries"
Thanksgiving Farm Reserve Meritage ‘12
Elegant, sculpted blend with great flavor
— Hugh Sisson, WYPR Cellar Notes
The Thanksgiving Farm winery experience is one that visitors will remember. The boutique tasting room is enhanced with dark mahogany and cherry wood décor and offers a delightful experience.
— Kathy Sullivan, author "Wine Trail Traveler"
Thanksgiving Farm® Meritage [2010 vintage] is their premium blend of Merlot 58%, Cabernet Franc 16%, Petit Verdot 16% and Cabernet Sauvignon 10%. It’s soft, dry red wine in the style of red Bordeaux. As with the previous edition, lots of dark fruits, blackberry, plum, dark raspberry, a touch of prune. A hint of vanilla. Smooth. A beautiful wine!! Elegant!!!
— Carlo De Vito, author "East Coast Wineries"
I found the Franc Blanc to be both complex, balanced and full of melon and pear notes. This wine alone is a reason to visit. They are also pouring a very nice Merlot Rosé and an amazing Petit Verdot Port-style wine, but the real story here is the Meritage ... 2010 was just out of the park. The Meritage is one of the best red blends in the state and simply must be tasted.
— Brian Yost, author "The Virginia Grape" wine advocacy and education blog
[2012 Reserve Meritage] a dead ringer for young Bordeaux.
— Al Spoler, WYPR Cellar Notes